What We Do

Training and consultancy

Kick Start offers a range of training and consultancy for educational partners together with a series of programmes to give young people the direction they need to succeed.

We offer support for vulnerable groups and schools, and services for local authorities, federations and cluster groups.

Support for vulnerable groups
We have developed a new range of services focused on building capacity to raising the attainment of vulnerable groups in schools.

Coaching & mentoring for teachers, students and parents. One to one coaching and mentoring from an experienced coach and qualified NLP practitioner.

Individual assessment of pupils with English as an Additional Language/black heritage with possible SEN issues, and liaison with other agencies as appropriate.

Support for schools
Improving Outcomes for Children and Young People with Free School Meals, English as an Additional Language and from Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

Schools can tailor their own support package to suit their individual circumstances, choosing from the following activities:

  • Whole school audit. This is based around the OFSTED framework and includes a self-evaluation process in relation to FSM, BME and EAL
  • Consultancy and training for leaders in relation to developing policies and systems needed to raise attainment, including maximising the Pupil Premium and adopting the best ways of using the Pupil Premium
Services for local authorities, federations and cluster groups
Our team of consultants are highly experienced in providing consultancy to schools and local authorities. We can provide customised packages of support for schools including work with parents and communities. We also provide opportunities for strategic planning, project management and specialist inset to local authorities.

Strategic planning – we can assist in the analysis of the progress and attainment of vulnerable groups, and construct a Local Authority plan for multiple schools.

Project management to support narrowing the gap, including the management of parent partnerships with vulnerable groups, such as those with English as an additional language.

Mentoring and supervision – for those who no longer have access to specialist line managers. Kick Start can work in partnership with host managers to ensure the best outcomes for educational providers.

Central INSET – bespoke INSET training.

Raising aspirations and attainment

Developing positive self-image. Looking at the needs of particular groups e.g. pupils with FSM, Polish pupils, pupils of Black heritage, EAL and SEN.

  • Coaching and mentoring – supporting individual teachers to meet the needs of pupils from a range of vulnerable groups in the classroom
  • Pupil assessment, monitoring and tracking. Developing best practice in the assessment, target setting and tracking of individual or groups of pupils

Inclusive curriculum planning. Links with communities of interest. Looking at social justice and equalities issues in the curriculum in the UK and abroad. Including the experiences of people from BME and low income groups in the curriculum and the life of the school, role models. Including SMSC approaches.

  • New to English
  • More advanced bilingual learners
  • EAL and SEN
  • Pupils in any vulnerable group who are failing to thrive, especially those with FSM or from BME backgrounds
  • Support to parent groups. Support schools in improving their engagement with individual and some groups of parents
  • Support school staff in planning and delivering parent meetings with school staff where needed
  • More advanced bilingual learners