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Sponsorship opportunities for companies and individuals

Would you like to get involved with one of the UK’s most forward thinking educational charities? You can help by offering your time, a donation, premises, equipment or volunteer for work experience. In return you’ll gain valuable experience working with young people, or you can boost your company’s brand.

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If you’re an individual you can get involved in a few ways. You might want to give a talk to a group of young people and pass on valuable life experience. You might want to apply for work experience. This would help add to your CV and improve your work or further education prospects.

If you’re a company, you choose from a number of things that will boost your corporate image. In return we’ll offer your company branding on our website and printed publicity.

You can offer rooms for Kick Start to use for training. You loan or give resources. Anything from stationary right through to audio-visual equipment. Or, your company might want to make a donation.

Talk to Joe Constant, Kick Start Director, to discuss sponsorship package. Or you can fill in our registration form below.

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