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Improving Outcomes for Children and Young People with Free School Meals, English as an Additional Language and from Minority Ethnic backgrounds

Kick Start Enterprise services to academies, schools and EY settings 2017

Kick Start Enterprise (KSE) consultants offer a range of support to Early Years settings, Primary schools, Secondary schools and Academies to meet the needs of Black and Minority Ethnic pupils, including pupils with English as an Additional Language and to develop Equality and Inclusion provision.
We are experienced in providing support to providers with small numbers of BME and EAL learners as well as those with 50% or more.
KSE consultants work initially with the EMA (Ethnic Minority Achievement) or Inclusion Lead or member of SLT with responsibility for the achievement of the BME and EAL learner cohort.
Following a free one-hour initial consultation, service packages are offered which are intended to run across the academic year. Individual activities are also offered.
The following menu describes the full range of services and activities provided by Kick Start Enterprise appropriate for Early Years settings, Primary schools, Secondary schools and Academies.
Other services available for young people and parents
  • Heroes programme part 1 and 2, KS2 – KS4
  • One to one coaching/mentoring
Costs are available on request.

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Kick Start Enterprise Packages


Recommended effective time

School development package

  • School / EY setting audit and action planning with SLT / EMA Lead
  • A range of support based on audit findings, e.g.:
    • EMA Lead training
    • Data analysis
    • Policy/ procedure development
    • Environment audit
    • Curriculum audit
    • Support for classroom practice
    • Teacher surgeries
    • Training & coaching for teachers & support staff
    • Training for governors

10 days

Pupil case work package

  • Pupil assessment including interview with family
  • 2 pupil progress reviews
  • 1 training session for individual teacher or group of teachers/practitioners
  • Teacher surgeries / coaching for teachers & support staff

3 days minimum

New arrival package

  • Support to develop induction procedures which support newly arrived pupils and families, including policy making
  • Development of short-term Early Stage EAL intervention programme
  • Assessment and writing of individual pupil EAL plans
  • Staff training & coaching

4 days minimum

Inclusive curriculum planning package

  • Audit of teachers’ / practitioners’ medium-term planning
  • A range of support based on audit findings, e.g.:
    • Staff training
    • Sharing of resources
    • Teacher surgeries to support planning

3 days minimum

Individual activities

1. Audit of EY setting / school needs (with SLT/EMA Lead):

  • Action Plan drawn up to address needs
  • Mid-year review
  • End of year review of action plan

3 days

2. Support to EY setting / school EMA/Inclusion leader:

  • Training of new EMA leader
  • Support for established EMA lead

6 x 0.5 day or 3 x 0.5 day

3. Support to SENCO and teachers to investigate possible SEN in BME learners:

  • Pupil assessment & action planning
  • Pupil review assessment(s)
  • Liaising with other agencies
  • Report writing to support EHC plans

3 X 0.5 day per child

4. Developing classroom practice:

  • Observation and feedback to support teachers & EY practitioners to develop strategies which are supportive of BME and EAL learners
  • Training for EMA Lead or SLT in classroom observation techniques for BME and EAL learners

3 x 0.5 days

5. Developing practice for Advanced EAL learners:

  • Observation of teaching and feedback to support teachers to develop strategies which are supportive of Advanced EAL learners
  • Writing scrutiny, analysis and planning of interventions
  • Review and further individual or group scrutiny

3 x 0.5 days

6. Pupil voice work:

  • Planning with SLT/ EMA Lead
  • Support with delivery & outcomes
  • Support for report writing and feedback to staff

2 days minimum

7. Parent/community partnerships:

  • Planning with SLT/ EMA Lead
  • Support with delivery & outcomes
  • Monitoring parental involvement & action planning

2 days minimum

Staff training

Central training

1. Kick Start Enterprise provides central training where staff can attend with staff from other schools and EY settings.

2. KSE also runs EMA leader networks.

  • CPD will be advertised and costs will be for one session or schools can buy-in to attend all central training and the EMA lead network.

Bespoke school-based / EY setting-based training:

  • Training can be delivered to whole staff, SLT, EMA Lead, groups of teachers, NQTs, support staff, governors
  • Training package includes planning with SLT/ EMA Lead, preparation, delivery & follow up

Topics addressed include:

  • “EAL pedagogy”
  • “Ensuring the attainment of EAL learners”
  • “Supporting Children with English as an Additional Language in the Early Years”
  • “Ensuring the attainment of Advanced EAL learners”
  • “Planning for Race Equality”
  • “Ensuring the attainment of pupils of Black heritage”
  • “Supporting the achievement of Black heritage children in the Early years”
  • “Ensuring a positive sense of Identity”
  • “Supporting Equality:
    valuing ethnicity, culture and language in children’s learning”
  • “The duty to promote British values: issues for schools and settings”
  • “Developing an inclusive curriculum”
  • “The language of difference”

Staff meeting = 0.5 day

INSET day = 1.5 day

Support for young people Heroes Programme – workshops for KS2 – KS4

Part 1 – KS2

Our award winning six week programme, recognised by Ofsted, encourages personal, social and emotional development.  It empowers young people to become “heroes of their own life stories” by helping unlock the full potential inside every child.  It raises self-esteem and supports young people through developing resilience.  It boosts confidence and teaches young people how to reach their goals in life.  Workshops have a maximum of 12 pupils.

6 week programme during curriculum timetable

Part 2 – KS3/4

Delivered in partnership with University of the West of England (UWE) and Bristol University.  Heroes part 2 aims to get young people to recognise their individual strengths and talents, and at the same time raise confidence in preparation for exams and life after school.  Workshops have a maximum of 12 pupils.

6 week programme during curriculum timetable

Coaching and mentoring for young people

We offer one to one coaching/mentoring sessions for young people who would benefit from the opportunity of sharing any challenges currently being experienced either at home or at school.

The benefits of these sessions:

  • Improved self-awareness
  • A supportive and positive means of dealing with school and home issues
  • Increased engagement with learning
  • Improved confidence
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour

These sessions are carried out by a qualified coach.

Minimum of 4 sessions


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