Terms and Conditions

To support our mission, we accept sponsorship from selected organisations (subject to specific guidelines). We do not accept sponsorship that Kick Start Enterprise determines are incompatible with our aims.

Editorial content is not influenced in anyway by our sponsors. Sponsors do not play a role in selecting or editing information. All sponsorship is clearly labelled as such to distinguish it from editorial content. Sponsorship is not targeted to individual users, but may be placed on the site next to content related to a sponsor’s interest. The presence of a sponsor’s message on www.kickstartenterprise.com, Kick Start Enterprise in the Classroom, or in our newsletters does not imply endorsement of the sponsoring company.

Kick Start Enterprise Sponsorship Criteria

To help ensure that the sponsorship are consistent with our mission, Kick Start Enterprise reserves the right to determine which sponsorship will be displayed on www.kickstartenterprise.com, Kick Start Enterprise in the Classroom, in our newsletter and through offline initiatives, video, and other means.

Kick Start has specific guidelines for sponsorship that differentiate its sponsored messages from advertising, which Kick Start Enterprise does not accept. These guidelines include, but are not limited to, prohibited inclusion of certain calls-to-action, price and value offers, comparative language, and others.

Sponsorship that may be allowed on the parent’s portion of www.kickstartenterprise.com, provided certain criteria are met, can include a wide range of products, services and messages.

Sponsorship that is prohibited on Kick Start Enterprise includes sponsored messages that we believe are incompatible or which may interfere with our mission. These include, but are not limited to: alcohol; tobacco products; weapons; fireworks; health care services (clinics, hospitals, procedures); prescription drugs; illicit drugs; legal services; overly mature or explicit content; gambling; political entities or messages; religious messages; material considered inappropriate for children even though it may not explicitly target children; messages that express or imply discrimination; and sponsor messages that include qualitative or comparative descriptions of the sponsor’s products, services, facilities, or company.

Sponsorship formats that are prohibited on Kick Start Enterprise include: pop-ups, pop-unders, and floating messages or surveys; sponsorship messages that extend beyond the space dedicated; audio and/ or video clips that begin without user initiation; sponsorship messages that strobe; sponsorship messages that mimic computer functions; and sponsorships that have forms within them to collect personally identifiable information while a visitor is on www.kickstartenterprise.com.

Kick Start Enterprise reserves the right to reject, cancel, or remove at any time any sponsorship from Kick Start Enterprise for any reason. In such a case, Kick Start Enterprise will provide prompt notice to the sponsor, with an explanation.These guidelines are intended to provide general guidance. They are not exhaustive and are subject to change at the discretion of Kick Start Enterprise at any time.

Kick Start Enterprise does not endorse any companies or products.

Kick Start Enterprise has independently developed all content on www.kickstartenterprise.com.

To find out more, please contact Joe Constant, Kick Start Director.