Questions about the Heroes Programme

The company Kick Start Enterprise started in January 2005. The Heroes program has to date successful put through over 1,000 students across many schools across the south west of England.

How long as Kick Start Enterprise has been going?

The company Kick Start Enterprise started in January 2005.

Why was my son/daughter chosen for this programme?
We find that schools use a wide criteria for selection of pupils and students that includes:

  • lacking in confidence
  • low level poor behaviour
  • recently experienced a lost of a close family member
  • changes in family dynamics
  • lacking focus
  • little belief in ones own ability and talent
My child is very confident, why do they need to attend?
We have many confident children attend our programme, however are programme is not simply about raising confidence although this is a very important component of the programme. The HP also focuses on the identification of knowing what’s important to self (values), setting and achieving goals, working with others, etc.
My son/daughter has some learning needs. Can they do the programme?
Of course they can, in special cases we world work with to ensure that any individual support given is maintain during classes.
How big are the classes?
We run the program with groups of no more than 12 students with 2 facilitators, this is to ensure that each and every child has the opportunity of being involved and contributing to the programme.
My son/daughter are very quite will this be suitable for them?
Yes absolutely as this is perfectly normal for many of our students, however what we continuously find that after a couple of weeks, we tend to find that the student becomes much more relaxed and more engaged with the programme as the weeks continues.
Why is the programme not available for all children?
It is simply a case of funding and government cut backs in education as we would love to be able to offer our programme to all children, because we know of the positive benefits the programme offers all children.
Is this a new government initiative?
Absolutely not, this programme was started by the director of Kick Start 9 years ago and has continued to grow and develop through the recommendations of schools, teachers, parents etc.
How are you funded?
Over the past 10 years we have received funding from local authorities, charities, societies, Learning Partnership West, individual schools as well as donations from companies and private individuals.
Can I pay for my son/daughter attend your programme?
Regrettably that is something we are unable to do, as we can only approach schools, LA, charities directly.
What is the length of time of the programme?
The programme runs for a period of 6 weeks with each session lasting one and half hours one day a week.
When is the programme delivered?
This is not an after school programme and therefore is delivered during curriculum time.
Will my son/daughter miss any classes?
The short answer to this question is no, the schools always make sure before the start of the programme that provisions have been made with the students teachers that any classes missed will be caught up ensuring that the student do not fall behind or miss anything that was important.
Do you have any partners?
Yes we do, we are also very proud to include both the University of Bristol and the UWE, both are close partners and collaborators of the Heroes programme.
Is it true my son/daughter will get to visit one of the universities?
Yes the universities put on an excellent day, giving the students a full experience of what life is like at university. It is great that the students report back to the school that they have had a excellent and learned a great deal.