Heroes Programme

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Heroes Programme

Using workshops, tools and support from educators, Kick Start helps young people to identify their goals and to work towards a future career that suits their skills and ambitions. The six week programme encourages personal, social and emotional development. It empowers young people to become “heroes of their own life stories”. It improves students’ learning, increases creative thinking and skills that prepare young people for life.

The Heroes Programme (for learners in Years 6 to 10)

The Heroes Programme helps unlock the full potential inside every child. It raises self-esteem and supports young people through developing resilience. It boosts confidence. And it teaches young people how to reach their goals in life. Workshops have a maximum of 12 students, and are delivered by two trainers.

“Dare to dream and achieve your ambitions.”

For some young people, school can be an isolating experience. Frustration can lead to negative behaviour. This makes it hard for children to fulfil their potential. These frustrations are particularly prevalent during their latter primary school years and can often manifest themselves in poor behaviour and lack of engagement in the first and subsequent years of secondary school.

Issues that remain unresolved at the critical transitional stage are known to continue into secondary schooling. This affects learning and negatively impacts on GCSE and vocational qualification outcomes, as well as their ability to socially interact with both peers and adults. The Kick Start team understands the need for significant intervention during the primary to secondary transition period.

We also recognise that developing young people’s problem solving skills, social skills and emotional intelligence is vital in giving them the stability and confidence they need to cope with both the social and academic demands at secondary school level. Our award-winning 6-week programme encourages personal, social and emotional development whilst empowering young people to become the heroes of their own life stories.

Read more about Heroes Part 1 (Years 6 & 7), and Heroes Part 2 (Years 9 & 10). Kick Start run two introductory sessions for the Heroes Programme.

The Climb (Years 9 – 12)

A 1-2 hour presentation that teaches learners the qualities they’ll need to achieve their dreams and goals, taking inspiration from Joe Constant’s trek on Mount Kilimanjaro. It will also help them recognise the behaviours that can hinder them. This fun session includes exercises, activities, group participation and prizes.

The Hero Journey (Years 11 and 12)

Young people who have no goals can become apathetic, depressed and cause destructive behaviour. In this 2-hour session, Joe Constant tells his own dramatic life story. This real, honest, funny and sometimes painful retelling is supported by music and pictures.