Heroes Part 2 (Years 9 & 10)

This six week programme encourages personal, social and emotional development. It empowers young people to become “heroes of their own life stories” by helping unlock the full potential inside every child. It raises self-esteem and supports young people through developing resilience. It boosts confidence. And it teaches young people how to reach their goals in life. Workshops have a maximum of 12 students, and are delivered by two trainers.

This section covers syllabus, case studies and explanatory video for Heroes Part 2. To go straight to the careers section covered as part of the course, click here.

Course Contents

Week 1

Introduction to the Heroes Programme. Determining your level of Mental Toughness. Identifying your future goals.

Week 2

The map is not the territory. Identifying thinking traps. Challenging limiting beliefs.

Week 3

Developing your mental toughness. Commitment – Control – Challenge – Confidence. Awareness of Mindset.

Week 4

Recognising individual strengths and talents. Identifying personal core values attached to goals.

Week 5

Day visit at either Bristol University or University of the West of England.

Week 6

Summary of the course and learning along with overview of the Heroes Journey.


Delivered in partnership with University of the West of England (UWE) and Bristol University. Heroes Part 2 aims to get young people to recognise their individual strengths and talents, and at the same time raise confidence.

  • 6 week programme
  • preparation for employability and higher education
  • visits to one of Bristol’s universities
  • targeted towards children not reaching their full potential
  • suitable for CD borderline, FSM, young carers and children in care

Video describing ethos and contents of Heroes Part 2 (17 mins)


12 children = £1800 + VAT (£150 per child)

24 children = £3600 + VAT (£150 per child)

Class sizes – between 10 and 12 children only.

For enquiries call 0844 8708 132

Jason’s story – Year 10

“The programme has helped me realise that I need to know what I’m aiming to do after school. I admit that I never really put in as much work as I could have before because I couldn’t see a point, and my mates didn’t either. I just never bothered with homework so I ended up being in detention a lot. What I’ve learned is that my future is up to me and that I can start planning for it now; I have already found more out about the Catering Apprenticeship I want to do. In the future I want to run a restaurant and Joe has helped me work out a plan to get my GCSE’s and then get an Apprenticeship. Now I feel more confident about the future and I know that I can reach my goals if I work for them.”

Kate’s story – Year 10

“Before I started the Heroes Programme, I didn’t even consider going to University. No-one in my family has been and I struggled in my English mocks so I didn’t think my grades would be any good. Since I visited Bristol University on the programme, I know that I want to go because there are so many different things you can study and I’m interested in all the Science research they do. I will need to do A’ levels to get there, and I’m going to improve my writing by doing the English Lit support group. The Heroes programme has given me confidence to think about what I want to do and now I know how to do it too.”

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I just wanted to let you know that one of our children came to me today and said that they had put into practise the strategy that you taught them last week. If they are angry to try and think of 5 characters out of a favourite program.

Very proud moment!

It worked and kept the child in question out of serious trouble!!! I’m just sooo proud and wanted you to know!

Inclusion Assistant for Behaviour & Attendance

I would like to thank you for the work you do with the boys in my class. I have seen such a difference in the behaviour of … . You are doing a brilliant job with them both. They are handling situations better now and don’t get so angry.

Thank you again.

Teacher – Swindon Academy

Careers Advice

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