Heroes Part 1 (Years 6 & 7)

This six week programme encourages personal, social and emotional development. It empowers young people to become “heroes of their own life stories” by helping unlock the full potential inside every child. It raises self-esteem and supports young people through developing resilience. It boosts confidence. And it teaches young people how to reach their goals in life. Workshops have a maximum of 12 students, and are delivered by two trainers.

This section covers syllabus, case studies and explanatory video for Heroes Part 1.

Course Contents

Week 1

It’s all about me. I’m special. What am I like? How I am and how I want to be. What is your preferred learning style?

Week 2

I am OK and you are OK? How is my self-esteem? How are my social skills? What is diversity?

Week 3

Bounce back ability. Resilience – don’t let things get you down. My talents and strengths. What’s my whizz? Where am I a whizz?

Week 4

Making magic. Choose your headline. Setting goals.

Week 5

Managing my feelings. Goals and values: part 2. Challenging limiting beliefs. Feelings and emotions. Bullying – being unkind to others.

Week 6

What I now know about me. What have I learned about myself?



Focus on support. Development of young peoples’ well-being through:

  • raising confidence, self-esteem and resilience
  • raising the individuals aspirations, and self-awareness
  • supports secondary transfer
  • opportunities for parental involvement

Using workshops, tools and support from educators, Kick Start helps young people to identify their goals and to work towards a future career that suits their skills and ambitions.

  • 6 week programme
  • targeted support for small groups
  • delivered during curriculum timetable

Video describing ethos and contents of Heroes Part 1 (16 mins)


12 children = £1800 + VAT (£150 per child)

24 children = £3600 + VAT (£150 per child)


Class sizes – between 10 and 12 children only.

For enquiries call 0844 8708 132

Testimonials and students’ stories

D’Arcy’s story

D’Arcy is a Year 6 pupil who recently completed the Heroes Pt 1 course.

“I didn’t know what to expect from the Heroes programme. Before I was chosen to join the programme, I was quite shy and did not really like speaking in front of the class. On the programme I have found out about what my skills and talents are, and that everyone has different skills. Now I feel more confident at talking in groups and I know that in the future when I am at Secondary school, I will be able to make new friends and settle in well.”

Aisha’s story

Aisha is a Year 6 pupil who recently completed the Heroes Pt 1 course.

“I think the Heroes programme has really helped me because I used to feel angry about lots of things. Sometimes my teachers had to send me out of class when I got angry and I used to shout and stuff. On the programme I have learned more about my feelings, and I know now that there are lots of ways to calm down. We did meditation as well and I really like that. I get on better with my work in class now and I’ve got a better behaviour report which was a goal I set.”

Wow! What a great deal of fun. The children really loved the opportunity to talk about their dreams and goals.
Teacher, Wansdyke Primary School

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